• The ComWeb portal provides your homeowners access to account information integrated in with your existing management software at a more affordable price than our Homepage CMS product. It is a low maintenance solution due to it's limited CMS components and is often times the best for for small or medium sized HOAs who simply need access to account-specific information and the ability to pay online without all the bells and whistles. 

    ComWeb Portals are beautifully designed, fully mobile-responsive, surprisingly simple, and easy to maintain!

  • Portal Features

  • Synced Management Features

    Depending on which existing management software you use, there are many additional features such as the ability to submit and review maintenance requests, manage vehicles & visitors, and view/submit architectural requests!

  • Membership Module

    Our Member Management Module synchronizes all of your resident's profile and accounting information from your property management software and syncs updated contact records back, freeing your time to focus on managing your communities.

  • Payments Integration

    We work with several payments processors to enable single sign on payments integration so your homeowners don't need to remember a separate login. This has proven to increase dues payments!

  • Special Board Module

    Our Board Module integrates with your existing management software to give board members access to special restricted information such as Delinquency, Maintenance, and Compliance for the association as a whole.

  • Document Libraries

    Our documents libraries are easy to organize and customize display permissions so you can decide what information you make visible to which audiences. 

  • Announcements & Alerts

    Announcements and Alerts can be used as a passive display of important association information and can even be set to display in the future and remove themselves on a certain date. 

  • Portal Features Coming Soon!!

  • Calendars

    Post upcoming association events for the associations you manage! Make sure homeowners are aware of board meetings and upcoming events. 

  • Membership Directory

    Our Membership Directory is highly customizable. Allow homeowners to decide what information they choose to display to members of the community or remove themselves from the directory all together.