• The ComWeb Signals Application can be used in conjunction to the ComWeb Portal or CMS Homepage products, or can be used as a stand-alone product. Signals integrates with your TOPS, VMS, CINC or Caliber system to give managers the ability to send texts, voice broadcast (robo-calls) and emails.

    Our 2-way integration communicates directly with your community management software keeping your resident information up-to-date and eliminating the need for data uploads. Now managers have a convenient and reliable new form of communication. In an emergency or just for routine updates, Signals is the new standard in resident communication. 

  • Signals Features

  • Fully Synchronized

    Our Signals Application syncs with your existing management software to pull in all of your homeowners contact details. Any updates to contact information made on your side or ours syncs between the two making it easier for you to maintain accurate records!

  • Traceable Emails

    Send emails messages with deliverability tracking. Delivery, opens, clicks, & bounces are tracked. Messages can be any length and you can send attachments. Choose your recipients with dynamic distribution lists or choose individual recipients!

  • SMS Text Messages

    Send text messages to residents phone! Not sure if your records are accurate? No Problem! You can verify numbers first to make sure you're only texting to mobile numbers. Opt-out preferences are time-stamped & stored. Messages can be up to 160 characters in length.

  • Voice Broadcast

    Choose between text-to-voice or pre-recorded robo-calls to your communities! If recipients don't answer the call, your voice broadcast will be recorded as a voicemail to review when they are ready. Add a more personal touch and reach a wider audience.

  • Dynamic Distribution Lists

    Choose if you want to send to the entire community, all of the communities you manage, or sub-groups of a community; it's up to you! Dynamic distribution lists make it easy to create groups and when a homeowner updates a record, we'll update the distribution list for you. It's that easy!

  • Convenient Pricing

    Our Signals pricing structure works on a credit system, so you only ever pay for what you actually use and scales with you as your grow your company. A single credit sends 25 traceable emails and credits can be purchased in blocks.